I have worked in counselling and mental health services in Calgary for about 30 years. I am a Clinical Social Worker, registered by the Alberta College of Social Workers, and experienced in work with mental health issues, relationship counselling, crisis intervention, grief and loss, trauma, workplace issues and consultation, and relaxation/stress management. 

Please take a look at my Start Counselling and

Depression & Anxiety pages to understand my philosophy and approach with different issues. Feel free to call me if you wonder whether I can help with your concerns.

When you work with me, you can count on my respect for who you are and how you define yourself. My values incorporate a strong advocacy for your self determination and unique abilities. You always have the right to question the process, define your own limits and reach for your own goals. I will always endeavor to hear and understand your perspective, and my questions and observations come from a place of interest to help you better understand yourself and your patterns/challenges.

My focus in sessions is based on your priorities and your needs. If you need and want a lot of feedback, I can do that. But if you would prefer to work through your own thoughts with less feedback and more questions to open up avenues of exploration, that's how we'll work together. The therapeutic relationship between you and I is one that will develop uniquely.

About Me

Brenda Duncan MSW RSW Individual and Couple Counselling


​Counselling is a very personal and challenging process, which starts with creating a relationship in which we can work on what you want and need. There is some sense of imbalance in that we will focus on you more than on me, but I see us as equals. We will be working together to develop understanding and a process which will enhance the aspects of life you bring to the table.

My role is to facilitate your counselling work in ways that are respectful of your values, unique perpectives, cultural context, resources, abilities and choice.

If you would like to know a bit more about how I see life, perhaps a little snapshot of my personality, please check out my blog. I hope a post or two will resonate with you, perhaps give you some ideas or spark some questions we can discuss further.